n4-display I’ve wrote several posts on this blog since 2 years while trying to switch from iOS to Android.

The first time I tried, I was on a 2.x version of Android and a lot of missing features didn’t helped me to switch. My cell phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I really can’t stand on Samsung Touchwizz layer. That why I decided to install a Mod called Cyanogen (you’ve certainly already have heard of this). This was the first revelation, but not enough to find all apps I needed and habit I had. In addition Market place (ex-Play store) didn’t contained enough good applications in my opinion.

Since I work at Linagora, I use my Galaxy S2 to get my professional emails with a 4.2.2 Cyanogen. That version was really better than the previous I used and now I’m really enjoying to be on Android.

So I decided to buy a new phone, but which one ? I was waiting a super announce on the Google IO. Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t convince me. And I’ve got a rule that I try to follow as I know it works : having the same hardware than the OS is the best way to get a stable system as most of the OS tests/benchmark runs on that hardware.

I decided to take the Nexus 4. The cost is reasonable and the technology inside is powerfull. The thing is, I wanted to have the fastest Android version and this was the better plan. Anyway I switched to Cyanogen once again because of missing features on the Google version. Now I’m completely happy with the Nexus 4 and Cyanogen :-)