Android_logo Since I’m an Android user, I try to find all apps that daily helps me. As I’ve spent several hours to test and configure them, I would like to share my experience with other peoples that want to switch from iOS like me.

First of all, you need advanced features if you are a poweruser. So get root privileges. Then install a mod like CyanogenMod. It will gives you more features to fine tune battery, CPU etc…

Then here comes the moment of applications :

  • Business Calendar : an iOS like Calendar with month view and extra features
  • [email protected] Mail Pro : this is a client mail application with extra features like GPG
  • APG : manage my GPG key for emails signs and crypt
  • AirAudio : you can share any output audio through Airplay :-)
  • Anniversaires-free : choose advance birthday reminders
  • Caldav-sync and Carddav-sync : add carddav and caldav support with dual sync
  • JuiceSSH : a powerfull SSH client
  • LightManager : configure the LED color and speed notification
  • Movie Studio : a light iMovie like
  • My Manga Reader : an offline manga reader
  • Nova Launcher : speed up the launcher and add extra features. I really love that one
  • PlanCourses : a very good application to know what you have to buy
  • Qpdf viewer: a PDF application with annotations etc…
  • ROM manager : helps you to keep up to date some ROM/Mod
  • SSHServer : start an SSH serveron your android when you need it.
  • SuperSu : notify and configure when an application request root privileges
  • Business Tasks : easily takes your notes and sync them through you Google account
  • Titanium Backup : make your backups how and where you want
  • aNag : nagios notifier
  • AndFTP : FTP/SFTP client
  • TomTom Europe : I always loved TomTom :-)