Beamer is a stable solution to make beautiful presentations with LateX. I recently used it and it’s amazing.

It’s the power of LateX with elegant presentations. The first time I saw it, was at FOSDEM this year (2013) and was surprised by the presentation quality.

Handling is a little bit long at first, but once done, you don’t need to think of what your slides should look and only need to concentrate on the content.

I really enjoyed working with Beamer and will use it next time I’ll need to create nice presentations.

Conclusion :

  • If this is the first time for you and want to try : test it :-)
  • If you only need a few slides : time is required and it will be faster to do a presentation with Impress :-(.
  • If you have a lot of slides to create and you need a perfect presentation without spending too much time : Beamer is for you :-)