A few months ago, I wanted to install as fast as possible new VMs headless. In addition, I wanted to give the possibility for my ex colleagues to be able to easily create remote VMs on my desktop as most of them got slow machines. KVM did the job perfectly. I also needed to quickly deploy Debian, so I made a pressed file.

Here at eNovance, I can be selfish :-p as everybody got a fast machine (Thanks eNovance).  I remember that Yanis tried to convince me about a software called Vagrant. It’s a VirtualBox manager that can quickly deploy instances based on remote websites. In fact it does really more than this like customizing instances…

Last week Sebastien talked to me about Vagrant. Once again ! I decided to test it as I absolutely want to win time on repetitive tasks. What I can say is : try it, you won’t go back !

I’ve made a quick basic tutorial on Vagrant as the documentation is quite easy to read. So it’s just a quick setup and introduction, but enough to start using in less than 5 min.

I hope this will help some of you to try it.