wwm-cover As you may know, I’m a MediaWiki’s fan. I manage and use it since 2006 and you can see what I do with on my wiki.

I’ve always learned by myself, how to do things on MediaWiki as my needs were classical and for a single user. Some weeks ago, I’ve made a big upgrade for the last company I’ve worked for (Linagora) and I wanted to implement interesting features for a multi users usage.

I’ve searched books on MediaWiki and found this one : Working with MediaWiki by Yaron Koren. It’s really a good book ! You’ll learn basic things that you can find on MediaWiki’s wiki and discover a lot of extensions with what they are able to do.

The better thing I learned was how to play with Semantic MediaWiki. I discovered it in 2009 with Luc, but didn’t find an interesting usage for my own. But as soon as you’re using a MediaWiki in an enterprise, it makes sense ! Simply because you can group informations from anywhere of your IS to a single MediaWiki page and order it as you want. I really like that extension even if I’m a newbie on it.

Well, to conclude, I strongly recommend that book to win a lot of time if you don’t know where to start on MediaWiki or if you want to improve your skills.

Thanks Yaron Koren