pro-git Git : have you ever tried to play with it ? For several years I’m working with that fantastic tool. Anyway the biggest problem is : if you don’t work day to day with Git, you need a memento or something similar (like my wiki 😉).

Also, if you use it for your personal usage, you’ll be lost when you will work with complex workflows. As I’m not a developer, I use Git to manage my etc configuration, my puppet manifests, my custom scripts…so many basic usage that really help me to win time as a sysadmin.

When you start playing with other persons, you generally need to use advanced features (branch,rebase,hooks,workflows…). That’s why I needed to find a book that could explain a lot of concepts with use cases.

Pro Git from Apress answered all of my questions and more. Even if it’s not the latest Git version used, it explains the biggest concepts on how to use it, in which case do which action etc…

I strongly recommend that book in any cases : If you want to start a VCS or if you want to improve your understanding in Git.

I hope you’ll enjoy the read too