PackStack : quickly deploy OpenStack for production


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Last week, I’ve assisted to a webinar organized by Puppet Labs. The talk was about PackStack which is a solution to deploy OpenStack in a production environment.

How does PackStack works ? Some of you may tell me that DevStack do the same thing. But I warn once again about DevStack which is absolutely not build for production usages ! PackStack is a bundle of current modules for OpenStack available on Puppet Forge. But to simplify the usage of all those modules, some python scripts come witch a configuration file, which will generate all Puppet manifests. Then the installation and configuration of OpenStack will then be done through SSH.

I’ve tested OpenStack Grizzly deployment on a CentOS 6.4 with RDO and it works like a charm. For those who don’t know what is RDO, it’s a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on Red Hat and Red Hat-based platforms.

A lot of work remains anyway and eNovance will certainly participate for Debian deployment as well (still in discussion). I hope this will be the solution to simplify installation process for OpenStack.

Author: Deimos

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  1. Hi,
    you tested on real host or vm? apparently i am tested both Grizzly and havana on fedora 19 VM running virtualbox and when i tries to launch instance it fail “Status: Error” on horizon web UI . I tried cloud image of F19, Cirros without any luck.
    I make sure to create 20G of cinder-volumes VG
    Do not see anything in the compute.log why its failing 🙁

    • Hi Askar,

      I tested on a VM with Centos 6.4. I do not use Fedora. I think you should test with CentOS.

      • Hi Demios,
        Sure installing centos 6.4 vm via netinstall under virtualbox 🙂
        Would you please share your partitioning scheme for openstack vm?

        And does it matter if the vm on whcih instaling openstack (packstack) having IP assigned from automatically?

        • I don’t exactly remember what I did, but as I use vagrant, I’m pretty sure to ran on a centos box. And yes my VM didn’t have a static IP.

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