Puppet-short I didn’t really play with Puppet since a long time and a lot of things have changed.

I’m currently writing a Puppet module for MySecureShell. And the thing is, it’s hard to quickly find the relevant information on how to build a module from scratch. I like to have experience return and what a chance when I saw a tweet regarding it, the same day as I started to write the module :-)

So here is the first link that I purpose to help you on writing a module :


The second link is on how to build the firsts folders and files for your module : http://docs.puppetlabs.com/man/module.html

In a word, it’s simple :

puppet module generate <username-module_name>;

As I want to push my future module upstream to Puppet forge, I need as well to test each files with a tool named puppet-lint.

I hope I’ll be able to send the first version this week or the next one.