debian_logo What a topic ! It could sounds like a patent troll but let me explain why I posted it.

First of all, I do not have strong skills on Arch Linux, but so many people talked to me about it and have praised me the merit of that distribution that I absolutely needed to test it. Before, I was on Debian testing and had some setbacks that encouraged me to look ahead to find a better solution.

Each Arch users I know, told me the installation procedure is the longest thing on Arch and that’s right ! What a wasting time ! Of course you usually do not need to perform that task…anyway I don’t think that a shell script emended in the install ISO to let people choose how they want to install their Arch would cost so much. The other thing is packaging…ok that’s really great, I like it and I think it’s a little bit better than Debian! But unfortunately, the Arch format is not as common as .deb packages.

As I really love Debian, I listened a friend who use Debian unstable for several years, without any strong outages and decided to test it. After migrating my desktop from Debian testing to unstable I can say this is the better compromise : packages up to date, common packages and fast installation.

May be Arch will be the distribution I’ll use later, but for today, Debian is the best choice I’ve found and this is the one I strongly recommend.