synology I’ve never really been interested in NAS solutions as I’ve always made my own server and installed what I needed manually. In addition I always thought that it was closed sources since a friend show me I was wrong.

He definitively convinced me and I bought a Synology DS713+ last week. It’s really easy to use, brings a lot of features and the biggest point : it’s an open system. I mean that you can have root access on a busy box and do what you want.

I’ve already exchange mails for features requests and hope they will be implemented soon. My requests are for the client side of the Synology. Today, you can only (with GUI) mount an SMB share. That’s a shame when you know that it natively does webdav server, nfs server, ftp server and ssh server. I asked for SSHFS, Webdavfs, curlftpfs and NFS client to Synology. Another thing is the embedded client that force a specific configuration, but you cannot tune it. That mean the server needs to fit clients requirements (strange isn’t it ?). Hopefully you can connect through SSH and manually change the configuration and then manage on/off tunneling via GUI.

To conclude the Synology is viewed more like a server than a client, however I think those features should be implemented to get a real powerful solution.