ceph_logo Ceph is a high availability way to store your data. I really love that solution and how it works. It’s a real good alternative to high cost disks storage. With some colleges of eNovance, we’re currently participating to the Ceph Day today in London (http://www.inktank.com/CEPHdays/).

I’m very excited to be here, as I wanted to put in production Ceph, 4-5 years ago (when it was released as experimental in Linux Kernel). Now it’s production ready and I’m really happy to go ahead with Ceph. So thanks to eNovance to permit me to be here today !

For those who didn’t already heard of Ceph, here is what you can read on the offical website :

  • The power of Ceph can transform your organization’s IT infrastructure and your ability to manage vast amounts of data. If your organization runs applications with different storage interface needs, Ceph is for you! Ceph’s foundation is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), which provides your applications with object, block, and file system storage in a single unified storage cluster-making Ceph flexible, highly reliable and easy for you to manage.
  • Ceph’s RADOS provides you with extraordinary data storage scalability—thousands of client hosts or KVMs accessing petabytes to exabytes of data. Each one of your applications can use the object, block or file system interfaces to the same RADOS cluster simultaneously, which means your Ceph storage system serves as a flexible foundation for all of your data storage needs. You can use Ceph for free, and deploy it on economical commodity hardware. Ceph is a better way to store data.