I’m using Awesome WM for a few months and really like it’s modular LUA configuration file. But I encounter some little problems with window resizing that waste my time day to day and forced me to look at an alternative.

A colleague who encountered the same issue talked to Awesome creator (Julien Danjou) that I sometimes have the chance to see at eNovance. It looks like a complicated bug to resolve, he’s not the core maintainer anymore and as it will take too much time to resolve it, this bug shouldn’t be fixed one day.

An ex colleague from Linagora (Christian) pissed me off talked about the benefits of i3. So I’m currently testing it and what I can say is, it looks more mature than Awesome. Anyway, even if it looks more stable, you can easily divide possibility/tuning at least by 5. The configuration is static and it’s for example not possible to play scripting within the i3 configuration file compared to the Awseome one. It’s really easy to see what i3 is able to do as the documentation page is complete and clear. This is a really good point compared to Awesome wiki documentation.

As you see there are good and bad points for both solutions. For the moment, it’s hard to say if I’ll stay on i3 or not. My first feeling in using it is quite good, but I need to find solutions for some stuffs I use on Awesome or it will be hard for me to keep i3.