dwm-logo A little bit fed up about changing window manager to find the best one for my needs, after i3, I’m testing DWM.

I3 was really nice, but got too much limitation from my point of view. The configuration is too static while Awesome really flexible so the change was hard. An old colleague reminds me about DWM and gave me a real good feedback on it as he’s using it daily since a long time now.

DWM is a strange WM as the configuration is quite simple but requires to be skilled to handle it with all wished features. I’ll give you 3 examples to illustrate my point :

  • DWM is written in C and it’s configuration too. Each time you need to change the configuration or add a module, you’ll need to recompile the binary.
  • You need to understand C and know how to play with gdb when you want to debug.
  • As addons format is diff, you need to be familiar with patch command.

On the other hand, the code size is really small and the possibilities are unlimited. That’s why I started to play with it and I’m nearly sure to keep it. I’ll see it in the next few days.

If you have feedback or good addons to suggest me, do not hesitate :-)