macbookpro_111 Yes I did it ! I finally switched from my fantastic Lenovo to the latest MacBook Pro 13.

Some of you won’t understand why I did it, but in fact you’ll see this is an evidence. What was the problem with the Lenovo ? Just the weight ! I’m usually transporting it from work to home and vice versa. I now have a backache and it couldn’t continue like that. Hopefully eNovance is a comprehensive company and allowed me to switch to another laptop of my choice.

So what were my requirements :

  • A lightweight laptop/ultrabook
  • A Full HD minimum screen size (to be able to see correctly my screen in any circumstance)
  • A long battery time
  • Triple screens (with a docking station or natively)

I first looked at Lenovo but no one fit all my requirements. Then I looked at the Dell XPS 13 developer edition, it was better but wasn’t able to support triple screen (I definitively forgot to have USB video cards as I know how it’s bad.

And then I looked at the MacBook Pro 13 and reminded that a keynote was approaching and decided to wait until the announcements.

The next day of the keynote, I decided to take a MacBook Pro 13 because :

  • Haswell processor to reduce power consummation
  • Long battery time (up to 9h)
  • Only 1,57Kg ! (Ultrabooks are around 1,3kg)
  • Retina display on 13 inches
  • Triple screens support

So now I’m on a Mac with Debian and Mac OS X in dual screens. Next post (in 2 days), I’ll explain how I did to install Debian on it in a next post.