My first Vagrant box is Debian Wheezy


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If you follow me, you should be aware that I use Vagrant every day. I wanted to get a Wheezy version with fr keyboard, up to date, correct locales and configured source.list file. I’ve also added Puppet and Chef on it.

So I’ve learned on how to build a box and it’s really easy by following the documentations on the website. Here is my Debian Wheezy box based on VirtualBox provider available on DropBox or Mega.

I hope you’ll use it :-). To add this box to your current list, it’s simple :

Author: Deimos

I'm a passionate DevOps. I love transmit my skills and I love working on high availability infrastructures/technologies.


  1. Mais arrête avec dropbox…

  2. Hard to find a solution that gives you a direct link solution. I first wanted to try with Mega but didn’t worked. Dropbox gives me an easy solution. Do you have any other better idea ?

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