ceph_logo I finally started to play with Ceph to add it in production. I’m still impressed by this storage solution. Just to remind, Ceph is an open-source, massively scalable, software-defined storage system which provides object, block and file system storage (not yet ready for production usage) in a single platform. It runs on commodity hardware-saving you costs, giving you flexibility. And as it’s in the Linux kernel, it’s easy to consume.

I’m using Ceph to :

  • Store a huge amount of data
  • Get it resilient
  • The ability to grow fast and quickly
  • Using different storage mechanisms with a single technology !

Be sure this is one of storage mechanism of the future as it’s really powerful !

As the official documentation is not enough concise in my opinion and not fully finished, I’ve made a documentation to install it quickly. I can’t give all the informations regarding how the solution works because it would be too long and the official documentation is really good on that point. This is the first of three posts on it.

So if you want to test Ceph, take a look at my documentation. I’ve also attached a Vagrant configuration to help you on quickly setup environments for testing purposes.