Mariadb-logo Some of you may already know that I’ve been contacted by Packt Publishing to write a book.

As every aware persons asked me why I was contacted, here is the story :

When I was working for Linagora, I gave a training on advanced usage on MySQL/MariaDB. Unfortunately there weren’t slides on that subject at this moment and I had to make them all. That’s what I did and made an unbranded version for me as well. As I’m a community person and have the Open Source spirit, I shared those slides on Speakerdeck and SlideShare. Packt wanted to have a book on advanced usages and architectures for high load traffic on MariaDB and they found my slides. Then they saw my resume and finally contacted me.

As this is my first book and didn’t realize all the time it will consume. So I spoke to one of my colleague Frédéric Lepied (eNovance) who already wrote some book to get feedbacks. I finally started the adventure.

On that book, I work alone but I have the chance to have excellent reviewers who are Dimitri Savineau (eNovance) and Joffrey Michaie (SkySQL).

I’ve started to write it a the end of the last year and it will be ready nearly September. I’ll give you more informations on it in the next months.