Once again the FOSDEM has given awesome talks ! This years I was more focused to SQL and NOSQL databases. I wanted to also see Puppet related conferences, but they were full like the last year.

Getting started with MySQL Performance Schema

First of all, I started with a MySQL Performance Schema presentation :


I saw that I had underestimated the power of Performance schema ! We can for example see iowaits and waiting time on tables files. We can also have a lot informations on used/unused index…well need to go ahead on that.

Galera Replicator IRL

Then I’ve seen also things about Galera Cluster :

This was a talk on Galera for non initate people mainly. Was interesting because of clear schema explanation and Galera features possibilities.

15 Tips to improve your Galera Cluster

To finish Galera tips were very interesting :

Advanced Fulltext Search with Sphinx

SphinxSearch conference was interesting but too high level for my knowledge on the subject :

Handling failover with MySQL 5.6 and Global Transaction IDs

The GTID is simply the end of boring problems with classical MySQL replications. You got the same ID on all synced nodes. Simple to setup and migrate to it, it’s an attended feature since a long time !

Spider Storage Engine

Spider permit horizontal partitioning (sharding). It’s very efficient for read access, but not so much on write access.

Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric

MySQL Fabric is a proxy in Python, that permit to shard to a group of MySQL servers.

It’s an Alpha version for the moment, looks interesting but is 100% MySQL (Oracle).

Troubleshooting performance problems in MySQL

This presentation was fine, but the speaker didn’t had the time to finish unfortunately.

I liked his presentation as he reviewed a lot of basic things but I felt he knows well about what he was talking and it was interesting then.

ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL

ProxySQL is a solution to permit splitting write/read access.

It’s only made by one person but really looks fine ! We were waiting so long time a good replacement of MySQL Proxy.

MaxScale, the Pluggable Router

MaxScale looks like ProxySQL, is made by SkySQL, not really mature but may be a good solution in the next years :

The first version went out last week and is available on GitHub.