Beamer01 Several persons asked me how could they do slides like I did with MySQL/MariaDB for example. I mentioned that I used LaTeX with Beamer and they were all frighten by the technology and language (takes too long time to be able to use it).

I think that’s not totally wrong but once you’ve understand how it works…it’s fantastic. So for colleagues and friends, I’ve made a documentation on how to use beamer and provided a template to get a quick start on it.

Anyway, even if it helps, they still doesn’t want to do more with LaTeX even if they would like to have the beautiful result it produce. I think I’ve got the solution with Pandoc. Pandoc permit to convert from markdown to Beamer :-). Several kind of markdown exist like MediaWiki and several destination exists.

I discover it with the post of ┬«om’s blog. Thanks to him !

If you’re not still convinced, try the live demo :-) !