It’s been a while now that I’ve heard of Ansible but I only started playing with a week ago. You may certainly know that I’m a Puppet lover, but this solution is more powerful than Puppet in my opinion.

So I started to migrate my personal Puppet to Ansible just to play with. Here are the pros:

  • No client needed on the clients, only SSH!
  • It’s written in Python
  • By default a lot of modules
  • Not only a configuration management tool, it’s an orchestrator too!
  • Can handle scenario
  • Easy YAML language!

For the cons:

  • Not enough community yet, but growing very fast
  • Not as much modules as Puppet now

And this is enough for me to switch! I also already heard of SaltStack which is an outsider too, but it’s unfortunately not agentless and as far as I know (not verified) you can’t create scenarios.

To conclude, test Ansible, it’s awesome!