This post is to talk about my experiences on Cyanogen. I’m using this ROM since a long time now. When I was on my Galaxy S2, it was perfect! I do not remember to have special issues. I was using nightlies and it was stable enough for me.

When I switched to Nexus 4, it was not too bad, but I sometimes had problems on updates that forced me to restore. I never used nightlies here but snapshots and stable version instead. I was sometimes fed up about failed updates but was OK indeed.

I switched then on Nexus 5 and the nightmare started:

  • random reboots during day for unknown reasons
  • 2 times infinite loop after a random reboot, need to restore
  • still no stable version
  • need to restore at each new snapshot update
  • nightlies are not better, it is not stable enough (camera unusable, different sync issues…)

Now I’m done! When I talk around me to people who got a Nexus 5 under Cyanogen, it seams I’m not the only one person. I really like what Cyanogen team does and appreciate, however I can’t continue to get a so unstable smartphone. So I decided to switch back to stock rom and root it. I’ve lost features of course but it’s now stable.

After talking with some others persons that use Cyanogen as well, it seams to be more stable on Samsung smartphones. And when you take a look at Cyanogen statistics site, you can see top 3 smartphones with Cyanogen installed are Samsung and Nexus 4 (mako) is on the 4th position. However, Nexus 5 (hammerhead) is far away from the top list and I’m wondering if the same tests are made on each smartphones.

We now know that the Nexus models will end and Play edition smartphones will take place instead, **I’m thinking about taking a Samsung smartphone under Cyanogen.**What do you think about it? Your input is welcome :-), so do not hesitate to drop a comment. Thanks!