OpenSSL: diagnose and correct the heartbleed issue


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A big and major issue on OpenSSL has been discovered and everybody is talking about it. To get more informations, there’s a website.

How to check the vulnerability, download this file:

Now launch it:

I was vulnerable as you can see. I deployed latest Debian OpenSSL packages, restarted Nginx and then relaunched the tool:

Corrected :-). Now I’ve to regenerate my SSL certificates as I do not know if someone already stolen my private key 🙁

Hope it will help you 🙂

Author: Deimos

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  1. Link is dead. 403 😉

  2. Thanks, looks a bit dodgy on mega but that will do 😉 Also your previous link for is pointing to mega as well (cf: get more informations, there’s a website.)

  3. Hello,
    I get this error:
    File “./”, line 47
    pdat = ”.join((c if 32 <= ord(c) <= 126 else '.' )for c in lin)
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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