Vagrant and Ansible are out in version 1.6! They are both bringing new super features.

For Vagrant, each major versions are bringing incredible features, this time they are:

  • Global Status and Control: Global Status shows you the status of all created Vagrant environments on your machine. Global Control lets you control any of these created environments from anywhere on your machine. You unfortunately need to have VM created under 1.6 version to work with that feature :-(
  • Windows Guests: Windows is now a first-class officially supported guest OS for Vagrant, meaning you can now vagrant up development environments running on Windows.
  • Docker-Based Development Environments: This allows Vagrant to run development environments within Linux containers powered by Docker, rather than virtual machines. This is an interesting feature if you can’t directly run Docker directly on your machine (Mac and Windows for example)

Now Ansible. I started using it last week and I really love it. I will make a post for it with example. Here are some new features of the version 1.6:

  • Gathering facts: you can disable it directly in the configuration now
  • Multiple users can connect with different keys
  • Added VMWare support with the vsphere_guest module
  • More than 30 new plugins added

I would like this kind of updates anytime :-)