logstash Regarding one of my latest post, talking about Fluentd, some of you asked me why I’ve chosen Fluentd instead of Logstash. First of all, I’ve looked at this blog post, which kindly resume the current situation. Looking at this and with feedback I got, I could establish this array:

Logstash Fluentd
Concerns Flexibility/Interoperability Simplicity/Robustness
Language JRuby Cruby
Inputs More Fewer
Inputs specs Basics Scalables
Plugins Lot Lot more
Plugins install Simple (drop a jar) Can be complex (dependencies)
Logs send crypt Yes Yes
Scalability Forward to 2 hosts LB A/A or A/P
Reliability Can loss messages No message loss

Logstash and Fluentd are both powerful solutions, they both got pros and cons. Even if Logstash is an incredible solution, it looks like not the best solution today for production usage for several reasons (maturity, code changing…). That’s why I chose Fluentd.

Since Jordan Sissel (Logstash creator) joined Elasticsearch company, I’m pretty sure integration and stability will be improved. I’m still keeping an eye on it :-)