Hello readers!

The numbers of readers keeps growing and I really appreciate it :-). Thanks to all followers!

You may know that I’m currently writing a book on MariaDB performances/high availability. I’m almost finish and this is the last run before the publication in September.

To give the maximum in this book , in the very short delay I have to, I need more time. The current blog post flow is: one blog post every 2 days. This is hard to maintain in those conditions. Some of my personal projects are in standby too, and today, dealing with my personal family life and writing the end of the book is a complicated task.

That’s why I will slowdown the number of blog posts for a month and a half at max. I will keep you updated as soon as I could take back a normal activity.

But you need to know that when I’ll be back, I’ll come with good subjects:

  • LXC playbooks for ElasticSearch/Kibana/Fluentd

  • Docker

  • Galera cluster

Sorry in advance for this slowdown, I’m sure you understand. Be ready for the book in September :-)