Poweredbyfreebsd In previous posts, I was talking about brainfucks I had when migrating OpenBSD from a version to another. I really love OpenBSD but this fed me up a couple of years ago.

That’s why I decided to test and switch to FreeBSD. Which one I forgot to upgrade since a while and I decided to do it to see if it’s the same nightmare I encountered on OpenBSD.

I was surprised by the simplicity of the upgrade and how things happens without any issues. To give you the context, I switched from 9.1 version to 10.0, which is 3 versions more. On OpenBSD, I was never able to do this as I needed to upgrade to the next version of my release and then upgrade to the next version etc…really painful.

I’ve made a little doc on it, just to remember how I did but the official documentation is really good to explain it. So if you have any doubt regarding OpenBSD and FreeBSD, I can confirm that FreeBSD is easier upgrade than OpenBSD.