Poweredbylinux You may know that I really like LXC and the major problem when you want to use that solution in production is: how do you monitor memory and CPU?

Regarding the CPU side, I do not have an easy answer for the moment :-(. However regarding the memory, I’ve made a Nagios/Naemon check which will check the memory (RAM) and SWAP of a container. Here is how to use it:

Usage : check_lxc_resources -h <container> -n <namespace> -w <warning%> -c <critical%> [-d]
    -h : set container name
    -n : set container namespace to check (memory|swap)
    -w : set warning percent alert
    -c : set critical percent alert
    -d : debug mode
    -help : print this message

Output will looks like this for memory:

memory usage is 42.95% (219M/512M) / 292M free / 177M cached

And like this for swap:

swap usage is 0.02% (0M/464M) / 463M free

If you want to know more about this check or simply use it, you can find it on my GitHub. I hope you’ll like it.