Naemon/Nagios: LXC check resources


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You may know that I really like LXC and the major problem when you want to use that solution in production is: how do you monitor memory and CPU?

Regarding the CPU side, I do not have an easy answer for the moment :-(. However regarding the memory, I’ve made a Nagios/Naemon check which will check the memory (RAM) and SWAP of a container. Here is how to use it:

Output will looks like this for memory:

And like this for swap:

If you want to know more about this check or simply use it, you can find it on my GitHub. I hope you’ll like it.

Author: Deimos

I'm a passionate DevOps. I love transmit my skills and I love working on high availability infrastructures/technologies.


  1. the used sys pathes (/sys/fs/cgroup/lxc) seem’s not to work anymore? Before further diggin in – any hint? Is the sysfs layout changed here since newer kernels or so?

    • There are a lot of chances that stuffs change from the moment I’ve made this and now. In addition I’m not using Naemon and LXC anymore so not maintaining this.

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