I recently talked about Sphinxdoc and we wanted (still for MySecureShell project) a solution to host our documentation. ReadTheDocs is a very good, free and pretty solution made for Sphinxdoc :-)


What we liked in addition of the hosting, is the usage with GitHub. You can configure a webhook to your GitHub account to automatically ask ReadTheDocs to build a newer version each time a commit is pushed on your GitHub account.

This makes a powerful solution avoiding several manual interventions! You don’t need to worry about:

  • How to push your new documentation to your hosting solution
  • How to manage multiple versions (depending your application version) as it can uses GitHub tags
  • Generate multiple version as it provides html, epub and PDF version
  • Multilanguages as it handle it too!

We’re very happy about that solution and thanks a lot ReadTheDocs for hosting our documentation project!