Like me you may heard of Netflix for the first time a few months ago because of the announcement in Europe. However it’s a massively used solution in the US since several years.

Today Netflix is out and you can freely have a month to discover Netflix. For the moment there are not a lot of films and series, but enough in my opinion to be an interesting solution. Of course because of the French laws, films are more than 3 years old and I hope this will change or I’m not sure it will be competitive enough. This is in my opinion outdated laws. More than that, the price is cheaper than any other existing VOD solutions in France (as far as I know).

This week, the CEO of Netflix told that 50% of new films/series will be added in the next 12 months. Good news :-). I’m happy with the solution for the moment and I started with the free account and will keep it for several months (or more) I think.

What I’m really waiting now are:

  • Native Linux version in HTML5 (in progress)
  • An offline mode like Spotify (to watch movies or series in the subway for example, but didn’t heard such things yet :-()

I really hope the last 2 points will come soon.