Coursera_logo One of my ex-boss talked to me about Coursera a year ago. It’s a website where you can freely learn several things from high graduated school. Most ofter, it’s technology related and I wanted to test it to learn Java.

I subscribed to 2 sessions. One for the java basics and the other one for the object oriented aspect (in french). I’ve started it a few weeks ago the first part and what I can say is, it’s very good. If you never learned how to develop software etc…it’s an excellent way to start.

However you absolutely need to have a good math skill as most of the exercises are math oriented. This is what is the biggest problem here when I’m seeing the time I have to spend on math problem instead of focusing on the development part. And I’m unfortunately not the only one as a lot of people are in the same case on the official forum.

Coursera is a real good way to learn things in an academic way. I recommend it if you can spend some hours per weeks to work on exercises.