VIM: help coding in Python with plugins


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In the last blog posts, I talked about Galera Innoptimizer tool I’ve made in Python. As a VIM lover, I’ve wrote it with that editor and installed additional them with Vundle.

Here are the one I’m using (to my .vimrc file):

Python completion helps to autocomplete some Python functions automatically. Tabular helps on correctly aligning multiple lines and gitguuter helps you with git to see a live gitdiff !!!

Try them, you’ll enjoy 🙂

Author: Deimos

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  1. FYI,

    python-mode is already included in Vim if you build one with python support (for example, on debian, the vim-gtk package or the vim-nox)

    Try Jedi if you want something more powerful.

    ps: And then, try emacs + evil-mode ;D

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