Finally: switching back to iOS (from Android)


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In previous posts, I talked about why I switched from iOS to Android.

After 1 year and a half, after 3 different Android phones (Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5), I’m finally going to switch back to iOS. For several reasons in facts but the major ones are those:

  • Application quality lower than on iOS
  • Lower global stability on Samsung Touchwizz and Cyanogen

I was pretty happy with Google Stock ROM, however it’s not available on all devices and the Nexus do not have the better hardware (not talking about Nexus 6). And if you want a powerful hardware (like the S5) and Stock ROM, you do not have a lot of choices today and Cyanogen is the best alternative IMHO. But Cyanogen is not stable enough for the moment, I’m fed up to loose my time in searching the best compromise, reinstalling, restoring etc…

That’s why I bought an iPhone 6 and waiting to receive it in a few days. I’ll may switch to Android in several years but it’s not mature enough in my opinion for my needs. I really would like that Smartphone Play Edition will appear more and more (and available in Europe) as I personally hate constructor’s ROMs.

Author: Deimos

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  1. What a troll…
    What about the fact that on iOS you are clearly supporting the closed source and closed apple environment ?
    I’m using Cyanogenmod 11 (nighty build…) and I don’t face any major issue, can you be more precise about the “stability issue” ?

    • You’re right, it can be a troll post :-p. I’m not really supporting closed source, but Apple is making a good closed source job compared to others.

      In my opinion, if open source doesn’t do the job, I prefer Apple than others as it stays a Unix system.

      On Cyanogen, I can’t get a GPS connexion working properly, I can’t have TomTom running well in landscape mode, sometime the screen get black when I try to call someone, I sometime needs to reboot because I can’t unlock the phone (the lock screen is unusable) and some many other things that make me crazy.

      If I can’t use my cell phone like I want…it’s not the good one for me. Of course, the other solution is to stay with Samsung ROM, but no way ! 1,5G on 2G of RAM taken by the OS after boot! Every time I connect to a social network, Samsung wants to connect too, it’s slooooooowwww…seriously, Google Stock ROM is the best! But the hardware is not.

  2. You could wait Android L, it sounds very mature and awesome 🙂

    • Of course I can wait for it. But how long will Cyanogen need to be mature on Android L? Will Android L Google Stock will be out (european version) for Galaxy S5? How many time will I have to wait until having a functional Smartphone?

      Once again, I’m annoyed because I’m trying to get the current best hardware, with a Stock Android version…

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