I finally took the decision to close my both Facebook accounts. Why? You may red other kind of blog posts around that subject so I won’t repeat the same thing but I’ll resume in short sentences why I did it.

First you need to know why I had 2 Facebook accounts. The first one was my personal account with friends etc…the problem is, all information I added on my account are the property of Facebook. Any photos added by friends where I’ve been tagged are also the property of Facebook. I can’t control what personal information Facebook have. That’s one of the reasons I’ve closed my first account.

The second one is another story. When I subscribed to Spotify a year ago, a Facebook account was required. And I created one for it because I wanted to share it with my wife. But recently, Spotify removed that requirement and I deleted the latest account I had.

Any social network, websites, etc… shouldn’t had so many rights on your personal data. That’s why I decided to stop using Facebook.