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As I do not really have a good blog post for today, here are some things I wanted to talk in a summary. Some good projects have been updated like:

  • WordPress 4: no big updates at the first view but it’s nice to see how this project works and grow (videos, WYSIWYG,…)
  • HAProxy 1.5: Offlloading SSL embedded, Full HTTP Keepalive, ACL enhancement… BIG update!
  • MySecureShell 2.0: Using GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL, available in Debian upstream repositories, new doc…
  • Nginx 1.6: SPDY 3.1 support, cache revalidation with conditional requests, auth request module…
  • MariaDB 10.1 Alpha: Online InnoDB defragmentation, Galera cluster embedded… HUGE update !

Small list but big updates at least!

Author: Deimos

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