Jessie is now frozen!!! Here is the news.

That mean only limited updates can be done:

  1. targeted fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity critical, grave, and serious) in all packages (applies during the entire freeze (ok for TPU));

  2. fixes for severity: important bugs in packages of priority: optional or extra, only when this can be done via unstable (until the 5th of December 2014);

  3. translation updates and documentation fixes that are included with fixes for the above criteria (until the 5th of January 2015);

  4. translation updates and documentation fixes, via TPU when included with other TPU-applicable fixes. (until the 5th of January 2015) pre-approved fixes (until the 5th of January 2015);

I’m happy that MySecureShell has been integrated before the freeze. I’ve to make a little update, I hope this will be approved now.

Still nice to see how Debian is an excellent distribution and that it continue to be excellent.