smash About 2 months ago, I’ve been contacted to join an a team of 5 persons, on making (once again) a solution to find love. So many solutions already exists today, but this one is a little bit different in my opinion, that’s why I accepted to take part of the adventure.

This solution is interesting because you’re anonymous. This can help you a lot if you’re shy. This kind of Phone application would help me a lot in the past if it was existing ! Remember when you were a teenager, how hard it was to go and meet someone you were in love! Several use cases exists for using that app and we’re trying to make this application as helpful as you would like when you want to meet someone, we’re open to propositions. To know more about it, you can visit the Smash website (French only, English version in a few weeks). You can also start to try the application (beta for the moment) on Android and iOS (coming in a few days).

What have been requested to me, are being involved in the evolution of the application, designing and implementing the infrastructure and system part. I have to setup a complete infrastructure for it. The current needs are very small, but we’re hopping to have a lot of users and I’m designing the infrastructure to be auto-scalable. This job is of course on my free time! But I’m learning a lot of interesting stuffs that I’m going to talk about in next posts. You’ll follow the evolution of it like that :-)

I really hope Smash will have the success it deserves!