amazon-aws-logo For my company, I recently had to find a good solution to make Snapshots from Instance IDs or from tags on AWS. I made several searches but unfortunately didn’t find what I was searching for.

That’s why I started to make a tool to do this kind of job. It’s written in Python and requires the Boto library. Here is what you can do with Simple EC2 snapshots:

  • Hot snapshots (by default) and Cold snapshots
  • Multiple instances snapshot in one line
  • Detection of doubles
  • Filters by tags (allowing wildcards) or by instance IDs
  • Credentials file multiple with profiles
  • Limit the number of snapshots
  • Restrict snapshots to data disks only

The tool is open source and can be downloaded on GitHub :-). I-d like to thanks my RedHat/eNovance colleagues for different kind of contributions (code, testing, features purpose, etc…)

More features are already planned and should be ready in a few days!!

I hope you’ll enjoy it too :-)