Debian 8 (Jessie) is out !!!


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Debian 8 is out ! After several months of freeze, it’s now ready. I’m really happy about that version because MySecureShell is finally available in the mainstream packages and the second thing is MariaDB available in the latest stable version (10).

Unfortunately, Docker is not present because it has too fast cycles to be stable (source). Thanks to Debian teams for this amazing work once again 🙂

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  1. For docker use, you don’t need docker 🙂 Check the presentation on systemd (included in jessie now) that includes nearly same functionnality
    Is there something the systemd doesn’t do?

    • I agree that it can have nearly the same usage. However the community is not there, it will be harder to scale it and finally there are too many bugs in systemd for the moment (yes I don’t really like it ;-)). I think this is a good thing that we can have the possibility to do it, but that’s all, no community, no facilities…Docker is much more easy to use even for beginners. So for all those points…no I won’t use it :-p

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