Deploy CoreOS with Ansible


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CoreOS is a lightweight Linux operating system designed for clustered deployments providing automation, security, and scalability for your most critical applications. I’ve been playing with CoreOS to replace Debian hosts which run Docker containers on Nousmotards project. CoreOS helps on simplifying bare metal deployment and avoid managing OS upgrade.

As I’m still an Ansible lover, I’ve made 2 roles:

  • CoreOS Ansible: Ansible role to deploy pypy to CoreOS to be able to get Ansible prerequisites
  • CoreOS: Ansible CoreOS role to deploy CoreOS on bare metal servers

The first one is for installing pypy to run Ansible and the other one to bootstrap CoreOS with Cloudinit or/and Igninition. Those role will bootstrap a complete cluster with etcd, flannel, fleet etc…ready to run a Kubernetes cluster on it! It will generate configs for each hosts and deploy them automatically. It will permit to add vars, generate the configs and you can keep history with git for example. Here are the options of the role:

Finally call it that way:

Inside this role you’ll also find a Vagrantfile to deploy a test cluster easily!

Do not hesitate to give feedback and participate to enhance them 🙂

Author: Deimos

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