As you certainly seen, the blog has been migrated :-). Visualy there is a big change and technically it’s the same.

I was fed up about maintaining Wordpress with its stack (Nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB) for a mostly static blog. I was thinking about migrating from Wordpress to something in markdown since several years but didn’t know exactly which solution I wanted to choose. I really enjoyed using Wordpress but wanted to keep hands on my blog and didn’t want to switch to full hosted Wordpress because of its limitations (image size etc…).

Finally, I decided to use Hugo which is a good competitor, written in Go (no dependencies), I can write my posts in markdown and the hosting is made on Github. The solution is smart, quite fast to use, simple, complete enough for a blog and has beautiful themes.

Wordpress comments have been migrated to Disqus and it was super easy.

I also migrated my welcome page with Hugo as once again it’s simple and I do not need to host it. Github pages do it very well for me :-)