One week ago, I bought a 3D printer to print custom pieces for my house. It’s been a long time since I wanted to try it, and a friend finally convinced me. I’m writing this post because it wasn’t that easy to start, this post contains notes for me, and I hope it will also help beginners. So I chose the Creality CR-10 Smart Pro for those reasons: Open source 3D printer with all replaceable pieces Creality is one of the market leaders for personal usage Direct drive by default to reduce printing issue Manual and automatic bed leveling Cloud-based app to remotely observe the printing Magnetic sheet by default This model is not the cheapest, but it’s second-hand, and CR-10 models are easy to find at the correct price.

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I’m using Jeedom for several years now. Using it with official box, Raspberry, Synology… I wanted to write down some notes, especially things I’ve done in order to find them if one day I needed them. Here are additional stuffs I’m using: A GSM USB key (Huawei E3372) An Elero USB key (Elero Transmitter Stick) A Z-Wave key (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5) Installation After Jeedom install, here are the Debian packages I needed:

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