WireGuard is a very good alternative to OpenVPN. I’ve been using OpenVPN for more than 10 years now and I was happy until I understood how slow it can be on low energy devices like EdgeRouter. To give you an idea, on my Fiber Home connection (200Mbps), I’m limited to 18Mbps. With OpenVPN, I’m reaching the maximum CPU usage on the EdgeRouter. I’ve heard of WireGuard about a year now and it was time for me to test this interresting alternative.

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I’ve a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE since several years now and really like it. Fanless, small, running on Debian (unfortunately not really up to date) and powerful. However I recently had issues with the disk. Simply dead and obviously a reboot didn’t repaired it. I’ve been searching solutions on the official forum to replace the disk and I was surprised about the fact it runs on a simple USB stick. I decided to replace it with a Kingston one:

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