Sometimes, you need to have a separate OS from your running one for testing purposes. Running Linux or Windows is straightforward in nowadays using Virtualization. However, running Mac OS is still a nightmare. This is why I’ve searched and found 2 exciting projects that I wanted to share. The first one is based on VirtualBox, while the second one on KVM. The funniest part is that both solutions are simply shell scripts :).

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I’m managing applications inside Kubernetes for more than 2 years for MySocialApp a social news feed solution and recently Referlab, an impressive referral marketing solution. If you follow me, you certainly know that I’ve made multiple Helm charts on distributed technologies like: Cassandra Helm chart Elasticsearch Helm chart Traefik Helm chart After several years of experience on it, you can trust me when I say managing statefulset on Kubernetes is not the easiest thing to do.

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Pierre Mavro / Deimosfr

Qovery Co-Founder and CTO

Paris - France