7 January 2016
by Deimos

Ansible color and buffer fix on Jenkins

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Hi all ! Long time since last blog post ! I’m using Jenkins with Ansible on my Nousmotards project for building docker containers or deploying into production.

You may noticed that you’ve no Ansible color when running it into Jenkins! The simple way to correct it is to export an environment variable in your Jenkins job:

Now that’s pretty cool! However, you may also noticed that there’s some kind of lags on the console when you want to see a real time console log on Jenkins. That’s pretty annoying when you’re doing rolling upgrades or restart. The solution is once again an environment variable:

That’s nice now, like on a shell display!

27 November 2015
by Deimos

Upgrading Ansible Consul Template role

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As I wanted to upgrade it and because it has been asked several time, I upgraded the consul-template Ansible role to manage official binaries (and upgrades). Here are the new vars:

You can of course find the role to Ansible Galaxy: https://galaxy.ansible.com/detail#/role/3451

I hope you’ll enjoy this new version 🙂

15 September 2015
by Deimos

Ansible Meetup done! Watch again the slides

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The Ansible meetup ended ! That was really nice for my first one.
I had really great feedbacks and liked the questions when ended. More than that I met nice people after the meetup and could have interresting discussions :-). I’m really happy about it.
For those who would like to review the slides, you can find them here:


If you want to watch the video:


or view the PDF version here:

11 September 2015
by Deimos

Ansible Meetup with Nousmotards in Paris!!!

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A long long time since my last blog post ! I didn’t had the time to make one because of the time I spent on building Nousmotards infrastructure.

If you’re interested in how I built the infrastructure, come and see us on the Ansible Meetup next Tuesday 😉 The slides and video of the Meetup will be made and available on InfoQ.

If you’re a French biker, do not hesitate anymore! Use Nousmotards for now, you’ll be happy to see how it’s easy to spend good times and meet nice peoples!

28 April 2015
by Deimos

Debian Jessie and MacBookPro 13 (2015/12,1) with Kernel 4

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I recently had the chance to get the latest MacBookPro 13 for my new work at Criteo. If you follow me and remember, this is not the first time I want to use Debian on a new MacBookPro version.


History repeats itself and as you can think, some things are not working out of the box on Debian Jessie. Here are the issues I encountered and how i could fix some of them:

  • Wifi: not supported on 3.16 kernel version. Need the 3.19 at least. Fixed
  • Fn keyboard key: this key is not recognized by the kernel. Fixed
  • Sound: sound is not working because of the boot sequence. Fixed
  • SSD lockups: I encountered a freeze like on the previous mac du to SSD. Fixed
  • Screen backlight: xbacklight doesn’t work. Fixed with a workaround
  • Video drivers: some slowdown due to missing video driver. Fixed
  • Keyboard inversed keys: the ‘@’ and ‘<>’ are inversed. To fix
  • Trackpad: no right click because of the new mechanism. To fix
  • Webcam: no chance to work now as no drivers exists 🙁

Now you’ve got an overview. Let’s take each point to see how you can fix the one I could resolve.


The wifi broadcom chipset is unfortunately not working out of the box (source). For this you need a kernel version at least equal to 3.19. As the Linux Kernel 4 is out, I recompiled a kernel with this version and added the wifi support in it. Here is the procedure:

Reboot and boot to the new kernel, it works 🙂

Fn keyboard key

Following this thread, the Fn key doesn’t work at all because not recognized by the kernel. I included the patch in the kernel as well. So you can use the same procedure than above to install the kernel.

Also, here is another interesting link.


Regarding the sound, it’s like for the previous MacBookPro, you need to adjust some module parameters:


SSD lockups

Here is the line I’ve got in /etc/default/grub to resolve the problem:

Screen backlight

I used a script for the previous Mac (11,1) but needed to update it to make it work properly. Here is the updated version:

As I’m using i3 wm, I added those lines in my configuration to make keyboard bindings:

As you can see, some sudo commands are required, so I’ve created a file in /etc/sudoers.d with this content:

Video driver

You can get working video drivers by installing experimental version of xorg intel package. You need to get experimental repository in your sources.list, then upgrade the package:


I have some work to do to make all the things work and wait for some drivers to be released. Debian Jessie is now out and I’ll switch to the next testing branch. This will permit to avoid doing so manual stuffs like kernel recompilation.

If you encounter other issues, you should also take a look at Arch Linux wiki on the previous MacBookPro version as a lot of things corresponding to this new MacBooPro version as well: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MacBookPro11,x

26 April 2015
by Deimos

Debian 8 (Jessie) is out !!!

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Debian 8 is out ! After several months of freeze, it’s now ready. I’m really happy about that version because MySecureShell is finally available in the mainstream packages and the second thing is MariaDB available in the latest stable version (10).

Unfortunately, Docker is not present because it has too fast cycles to be stable (source). Thanks to Debian teams for this amazing work once again 🙂

16 March 2015
by Deimos

New job, new adventure at Criteo

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I spent nearly 2 years at eNovance/RedHat, it was a great adventure, now I’m glad to start a new job at Criteo today!

I’ll be in charge of storage technologies around big data. My future blog posts will of course evolve to this kind of technologies too. However as I’ve side projects, there still will have several kind of subjects.

Really happy to start this new job 🙂