As you certainly seen, the blog has been migrated :-). Visualy there is a big change and technically it’s the same. I was fed up about maintaining Wordpress with its stack (Nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB) for a mostly static blog. I was thinking about migrating from Wordpress to something in markdown since several years but didn’t know exactly which solution I wanted to choose. I really enjoyed using Wordpress but wanted to keep hands on my blog and didn’t want to switch to full hosted Wordpress because of its limitations (image size etc…).

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I recently talked about Sphinxdoc and we wanted (still for MySecureShell project) a solution to host our documentation. ReadTheDocs is a very good, free and pretty solution made for Sphinxdoc :-) What we liked in addition of the hosting, is the usage with GitHub. You can configure a webhook to your GitHub account to automatically ask ReadTheDocs to build a newer version each time a commit is pushed on your GitHub account.

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