I recently been faced on a classical problem on InnoDB which is the fragmentation, but on Galera. InnoDB engine doesn’t defragment on the fly and requires optimize maintenance sometimes to free disk space. But on Galera, which is a fault tolerance and high availability solution, it’s a problem having tables locked by an optimize procedure. Until Galera doesn’t support TokuDB and only fully support InnoDB, we had (with a colleague (Kevin aka Vinek)) to find a solution.

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The day has finally come! After several months of intensive work (weekends and nights), I’m proud to announce that my book on MariaDB High Performance is out! In that book, I made my best to make things as simple as possible to test features, test solutions and to explain everything in the simplest way. Of course if you’re a beginner on MariaDB (and Linux), it may be hard. But if you’re familiar with basics and want to go further with performances and high availability on MariaDB, you’ll enjoy it.

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Pierre Mavro / Deimosfr

Qovery Co-Founder and CTO

Paris - France